Friday, 25 April 2014

GoPro – Go Gili | IDC Gili Islands | Holly Macleod - Platinum PADI Course Director #629124

If you’re thinking about becoming a PADI Professional than the Gili Islands is the place to do it and the IDC Gili Islands can help you to get started with your new found career. The Gili Islands consist of three small islands situated of the north coast of Lombok, Indonesia. The largest of the three islands is Gili Trawangan and this is where it all happens. Most of the dive sites are situated on the shores of Gili Trawangan and this may also account for the reason that most of the larger, more established centers are based here. Gili Trawangan does have a reputation for nightlife and is often called the “Party Island” however most of the night spots are situated in one street leaving the rest of the island peaceful and quiet so I guess it could be said that in Gili Trawangan you get the best of both worlds.

One of the larger more established dive centers on the island is Trawangan Dive. Trawangan Dive is a Multi award winning dive center situated on the best stretch of beach the island has to offer and is also the longest established PADI Career Development Center in Lombok and the Gili Islands. We run the full range of professional PADI programs from the Divemaster right the way through the entire range of instructor training programs. The PADI Divemaster program is continuous and therefore you can enroll whenever you like all year round. The PADI IDC starts once a month and is run on an 11 day schedule with an additional 4 days of Pre-IDC preparation. ThePADI IDC Indonesia Divemaster & Instructor Programs have been praised by both past students and industry leaders alike and in fact earlier this year our facility won the award for “outstanding contribution to professional development”.

The PADI IDC program here at Trawangan Dive is conducted by the only resident Platinum Course Director in the Gili Islands who offers the program exclusively through Trawangan Dive. So if you’re looking for a change of career or just looking to make a career out of doing what you love than don’t hesitate to contact us and check out your PADI IDC Indonesia Career Options. We can also be found on our IDC Indonesia Facebook Page where you can see past and present IDC candidates in action.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

PADI Instructor Training | Next IDC Gili Trawangan is due to start May 2nd

We are pleased to announce the start date of the May 2014 IDC program. The program will commence on the 2nd of May and candidates are strongly recommended to arrive 4 or 5 days earlier to take advantage of the Pre IDC Prep and free fun diving.

The PADI IDC Curriculum  consists of classroom, confined and open water presentations where you are first trained and shown how to work with students at different levels of training before running your own teaching sessions; we also run Skill circuits, workshops in how to conduct a DSD, The Open water course, Adventures in Diving and Rescue diver training. Practical training is complemented by daily knowledge Development sessions led by your Course Director who will explain the PADI system of diver education, the standards and procedures for each individual program, the importance of protecting our environment and an introduction to Project Aware; plus the role of Risk Management as well as Marketing and the Business of Diving.

We also run some additional workshops and presentations to compliment the program introducing candidates to the new Revised Open Water Course and teaching them about the Project AWARE Foundation. To find out more check out the PADI IDC Gili Islands additionalcomponents.

The PADI IDC Courses conducted by our PADI Platinum Course Director is run at Trawangan Dive, the first established PADI Career Development Center (CDC) in Lombok and the Gili Islands. Although the program is serious and conducted to a very high standard it can also be fun. To see students in action check out our IDC Indonesia Facebook Page.

To find out more about our programs simply contact our Platinum PADI Course Director.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Pimp Your IDC Gili Trawangan | PADI Career Development Center | Platinum Course Director

Choosing an IDC course has never been easier. As the only PADI Career Development Center in the Gili Islands and having a Platinum PADI Course Director we constantly monitor our training programs to ensure only the very best for potential Instructors to develop a successful and rewarding career in teaching recreational PADI Dive programs.

Our PADI Career Development Center is situated in Gili Trawangan, the largest of the three Gili Islands. The Islands offer a peaceful and relaxed island environment surrounded by palm trees and tropical fringing reef. The island has no motorized transport and no dogs, which only adds to the tropical island feel and of course all one needs to do is look at neighboring Bali with their bumper to bumper congestion problems and ridiculously high stray dog population. The dive center is one of the larger dive centers, not only in the Gili Islands but Indonesia as a whole having won awards for diver acquisition in 2013 and of course for our outstanding commitment to Instructor Development in 2014.

During 2013 we introduced a range of career enhancing programs such as our team teaching program whereby you will get to shadow our instructor and also those of another dive center within our group, ultimately team teaching within the 2 largest and best known dive operators in Indonesia and ultimately learning for some of the best instructors the industry has to offer. We also introduced our IDC Gili Trawangan Biorock Program, which combines the Instructor Development Corse with the Biorock Indonesia Program teaching students everything they need to know about coral reef gardening, maintenance and also building their own Biorock structure, installing it and providing the low voltage electrical current. We have also introduced our Komodo Livaboard IDC Internship Program which allows candidates to see first had exactly how a successful Livaboard operation runs. If you’re interested in any of our IDC Gili Trawangan CareerDevelopment Programs don’t hesitate to contact our Platinum rated PADI Course Director to discuss your personal options and decide how we can help you to develop the perfect career in recreational diving.

During the course of 2014 we have introduce some additional workshops and seminars. The IDC Gili Islands Post IDC Workshops include a new revised Open Water Diver Course Update which primarily prepares students for the addition of the Revised Open Water Course which will come into place later this year and possibly even later than this for Indonesia. The Project AWARE presentation is also an additional workshop we will be providing. The Project Aware workshop will basically present some facts, figures and achievements of Project Aware to the candidates so as one they are working within the industry they can act as a voice for the foundation and help to encourage people to get involved. We have also developed a range of C.V and employment workshops, which not only allows candidates to perfect the diving C.V, but also to find out about any local and international jobs that are available. Also if a candidate has found a potential job we can discuss any further training that may be required. For example if a candidate gets a job offer in the USA, Europe or Australia there will be a legal requirement that they have an oxygen provision certificate or if the candidate gets a job in a center that dives a 26 meter wreck it may be a requirement of the job to be able to provide the Nitrox Course or to teach the wreck specialty course.

If you’re interested in finding a real career in the recreational dive industry than you’re in the right place. The PADI IDC Gili Trawangan can help you to achieve your dreams and create a real career in diving. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Platinum PADI Course Director.