Tuesday, 25 October 2016

What it means to be a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor at the PADI IDC Indonesia with Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod

As a highly experienced Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director, Holly Macleod has a wealth of knowledge about the industry and the role of a scuba diving instructor and has adopted a range of adittional teaching workshops for the PADI IDC Gili Islands Program

“Teaching people to dive is really rewarding and life as a scuba diving instructor is a fun and exciting lifestyle with endless opportunities for travel, exploration and new challenges.”

A PADI Scuba Diving Instructor represents a global organization made up of the world’s industry leaders maintaining the standard that has become the template for any modern day scuba diving educational activity. Instructors will be backed up by an internationally recognized brand and a wealth of in-house support via the PADI Asia Pacific Headquarters. The benefits of choosing the PADI IDC Indonesia with Holly far outweigh any alternative options.

Firstly, Holly is a Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course with a
massive reputation within the area of professional instructor training having certified over 100 PADI Instructor in 2015 alone. Another great advantage is that Holly has worked in a variety of scuba diving related roles in a multitude of worldwide destinations and is therefore perfectly positioned to provide advice and support to candidates looking for their first appointment within the industry.
One of the most important factors when choosing the destination for your professional instructor level training is the experience of the PADI Course Director. Holly has trained hundreds of scuba diving instructors and knows exactly what is required to pass the PADI Instructor Examination and to develop a successful career within the diving industry

The Gili Islands also offers new instructors the opportunity to immediately find jobs and begin their new careers. The Gili Islands is become a more popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists and is therefore growing year upon year. The growth of tourism numbers also makes way for a growing number of new and student divers and therefor the requirement for new scuba diving instructors.

The program is made of two distinct parts; the PADI IDC Preparation workshops and the actual PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) The Instructor Preparation Workshops generally prepares diving professionals for the PADI IDC Course and reviews the knowledge and skill learnt during the PADI Divemaster Course allowing candidates to make a smooth and easy transition on the courses. The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) concentrates on the personal development of dive professionals and providing them with the necessary tools to be successful within the diving industry.

Further information about the PADI Instructor Development Course in the Gili Islands can be found at the PADI IDC Indonesia online website highlighting course content and the latest course schedule.

For specific course details PADI IDC Indonesia Information download the PDF Information Pack and start planning your personal dive training and career progression or review some of the first hand PADI IDC Indonesia candidate reviews.

Further questions can be referred directly to Multi Award Winning Platinum PADI Course Director Holly Macleod at idc@trawangandive.com